Attention Math Teachers and Tutors

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  • Learn why the base-10 system is actually a hurdle in teaching math concepts!

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"You literally took all of my tools that I have in my room – unifix cubes, base 10 blocks, Cuisenaire rods, counters of all sorts, and Lego’s and replaced all of them with a simplified and fun tool."  - Missy Schaller, Jemicy School Teacher

This is what I know about you if you are here:

  • You are a caring and compassionate individual, a life long learner.
  • You know there has to be a better way than what you are doing right now
  • You recognize there is something missing in your math instruction and you want to be a Math Super Hero!

You're here because you have a vision:

  • for how you want your math instructional time to look.
  • of your students getting math and making meaningful connections in and out of the classroom.
  • having the right tools in your toolbox to effectively teach math concepts and processes to your students.
  • your students being successful, not only in math but in life itself.
  • And finally . . . You want to feel successful at the end of the day knowing that your students feel more confident in their skills.

I can help you discover many new ways to teach math that will blow you away.

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